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As Novas Global, we continue our activities in the field of logistics import and export services. By increasing the quality of service on this path we set out in 2008, we have gained the trust of our customers. We help our customers in every way they need in the field of foreign trade. We offer quality and trust-based services with our expert teams in matters such as complete follow-up of foreign trade transactions and container supply.

Our Mission

Developments in the world have facilitated the crossing of borders between countries. In the globalizing world, we are trying to adapt to new trade conditions, find the best solutions and offer quality services to our customers at more affordable costs. We are working to increase customer satisfaction, to produce services at low costs and to offer quality, constructive, permanent solutions.

Our Vision

We aim to be a company that provides quality, reliable and fast service to all our customers in the field of logistics services and we are moving forward on this path. Our company aims to be one of Turkey's leading brands in the sector that values its customers, produces customer-oriented service solutions, works success-oriented and follows all innovations. It is among our goals to provide the best services with high added value in accordance with the demands of our customers who update their systems by following all the developments in our sector with our expert staff instantly. With our employees and business partners, we are advancing step by step to our vision and constantly increasing our belief in success.

Why Choose Us?

The number of our customers who prefer us because we are the company that offers the best services in our sector, finds customer-oriented solutions and adapts all innovations is increasing day by day. In the services we offer to our customers with all our staff, we offer fast and high quality options and we trust this. Customer satisfaction is always your priority and we continuously increase the quality of service with sectoral studies and realize all demands as soon as possible. You can choose our company for this.

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